Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Workout Wardrobe: Yoga

This is a new series on what I typically wear when I'm working out. Honestly having cute and comfy workout clothes motivates you to exercise more!                                            

The clothing I'm wearing is from Ilu Fitwear, I was asked to review some of their sportswear clothing. They are a UK-based company that hope to blur the lines between female fashion and fitness. They have got a range clothing from gym wear to night outs. 

The Sporty Racer Back was my favourite. It's made of a sweat-wicking material, it's chlorine resistant and protects against UV rays! It also has a built in light support sports bra. It makes me look super athletic and is comfortable to work out in. It's currently on sale for £17.99! 


The Sporty Compression Capri leggings had the same material as the racer back. The blue contouring also has a slimming effect. It would be even better if they had a zip pocket to insert a phone, key or cash! It's also on sale for £17.99! 

I really like these items because I did J-Fitness in them, jogged and even did Insanity and I managed not to feel sweaty. Their clothing isn't cheap, but it's fantastic quality which is why I'm giving you guys 20% off your first order using the discount code JFIT14 at checkout. 

                         "If you don't invest in yourself, why would anyone else?" -Jeb Blount

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