Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What I Ate Wednesday #3 Cheat Day Edition

We are all human and have cravings. I highly recommend taking a day or two out of the week to eat what you desire. It should totally be a guilt-free day. We need to remember
that depriving yourself will only result in instant gratification rather than long term satisfaction.

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As always I consume water and (peppermint) tea throughout the day


Cocopops "copters" with almond milk.


Raspberry Smoothie with baked chips and breaded cod.


Bowl of galia melon.


Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza.

"Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, courgette bread and pumpkin pie." -Jim Davis

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Best Headphones for Exercising

Have you ever gotten that feeling when you are really into your workout then suddenly, you are interrupted by the tangling up of a wire or the falling out of an ear bud? I don't know about you but music plays a huge part in the performance of my workouts. It takes my mind off of the challenging task at hand. I was in search for earphones designed for working out. I came across the Motorola S305. These are the best headphone for exercising! 

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  1. It's wireless, say bye bye to annoying chords.
  2. It's extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  3. The sound quality is on point.
  4. It operates via bluetooth so you can make hands free calls.
  5. It works with all devices containing bluetooth.
  6. You can control your music from the headset e.g track and volume controls.
  7. It's relatively affordable.

I started using this in November 2014 and my workouts have transformed dramatically. This is particularly useful during lifting as it's wireless. The only negative thing really is that it's not sweat proof so if you sweat a lot around your hairline it can get irritating but you just need to re adjust it. I also ordered it from the U.S so I had to get an adapter to charge it. 

I highly recommend investing in a decent pair or wireless headphones like these as it can change your workout for the better. I use Spotify during my workouts! 

Do you listen to music during your workout? What kind of music do you like?

"Music is the poetry of the air"-Richter

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

What I Ate Wednesday #2

I'm going to try and publish these type of posts every Wednesday. I love food photography and from the feedback I receive you all find it motivating to eat cleaner. If I get the opportunity to inspire people then my life goals are complete. It is literally the best feeling in the world! 

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During the day I consumed water and tea!


700ml green smoothie. (recipe)


3 eggs and 1 avocado fried in coconut oil.

***Pre-Workout Snack*** 

2 slices of brown bread with almond butter and banana.

***Workout of the Day*** 

45 min jog and 10 minute abs

***Post- Workout Snack (Dinner)***

Brown fried rice with veg and salmon.

"Health and intellect are the two blessings of life" -Menander

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Smoothie Sunday #3

There's been so much hype lately over green smoothies and their benefits so I decided to share my favourite recipe with you.

You might find it quite bitter eaten raw which is why I use mango, kiwi and/or banana to sweeten.

  1. Handful of kale.
  2. Handful of frozen mangoes.
  3. 1 pear.
  4. 1 kiwi.
  5. 1 banana.
  6. 1 cup of coconut water/ regular H20.

Chop up all ingredients and blend until desired consistency. Feel free to modify accordingly.

The reason why green smoothies are given so much hype is because of the green superfood. In this recipe it's kale, a green vegetable low in calories, high in fibre and zero fat. It contains more iron than beef. It can lower cholesterol levels. It is high in vitamin K thus protecting us from various cancers. It's a great detox food that's included in many juice cleanses. There are a lot of benefits to this superfood if it's eaten raw. 

Do you make green smoothies? Have you ever tried kale? Will you be trying this out?

"The more colorful the food, the better. I try to add color to my diet, which means vegetables and fruits."

Friday, 9 January 2015

Free Online Personal Training

Hey guys, I got the opportunity to review an Online Personal Trainer a while ago. Her name was Becky and she was my first PT! She was really understanding and super encouraging. Firstly we had a Skype interview about my goals and current routine. She then devised a personalised workout plan that was straight forward yet challenging. We also had check-ins weekly. 

onesixeight: fitness logo

Initially I didn't think it would be as effective as a physical PT. I trialed the bonus membership so I had to report back to her weekly which encouraged me to complete my plan having given my all. Click here to read Becky's Success Stories.

My goal was to tone and strengthen my body, particularly the legs and my core. After the month my legs felt stronger and my core was tighter. Overall I felt much more confident in working out because Becky was my accountability coach. Incase you aren't sure what the exercise is she has video demos on her website.

Online Personal Training is a fantastic idea as people are busy with work, school, family etc... Working out in the comfort of your own home is so practical. Becky will not let you down. She is offering a 1-month FREE trial of online Personal Training. Click here.

Becky's WebsiteTwitterFacebook Page 

"Don't fake it, make it"

Friday, 2 January 2015

Where is the Best Place to Work Out?

Many people think the gym is the only place to workout. You can work out anywhere anytime!
  • Gym?
  • Pool?
  • Outside?
  • In the comfort of your own home? 
It's a trick question really, Wherever you have access to! I like to train at home, gym, outside and on the basketball court. Home workouts work well on rainy days but I do enjoy my fresh air. 

Have you visited your local park?

The main reason I wrote this post was because there are a lot of people who are scared of exercising outside. The truth about it is that nobody really cares. When you see people running outside, you never really say "OMG who does she think she is exercising". Think of it this way, no matter how slow you think you are, you are always lapping the people on the couch!

There is also this awesome FREE app called PumpUp available on IOS and Android. You can devise a workout depending on how much time and what equipment you have. They also have an online community where you can track/share your progress and get motivated! Everyone is super supportive and it's such a welcoming environment. It's like a Fitness Instagram. Follow me @Jennooos. 

Hope this motivates you to jump start your New Years Resolution! Please go ahead and like my Facebook Page if you haven't already! 

"Excuses don't burn calories"