Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Best Headphones for Exercising

Have you ever gotten that feeling when you are really into your workout then suddenly, you are interrupted by the tangling up of a wire or the falling out of an ear bud? I don't know about you but music plays a huge part in the performance of my workouts. It takes my mind off of the challenging task at hand. I was in search for earphones designed for working out. I came across the Motorola S305. These are the best headphone for exercising! 

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  1. It's wireless, say bye bye to annoying chords.
  2. It's extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  3. The sound quality is on point.
  4. It operates via bluetooth so you can make hands free calls.
  5. It works with all devices containing bluetooth.
  6. You can control your music from the headset e.g track and volume controls.
  7. It's relatively affordable.

I started using this in November 2014 and my workouts have transformed dramatically. This is particularly useful during lifting as it's wireless. The only negative thing really is that it's not sweat proof so if you sweat a lot around your hairline it can get irritating but you just need to re adjust it. I also ordered it from the U.S so I had to get an adapter to charge it. 

I highly recommend investing in a decent pair or wireless headphones like these as it can change your workout for the better. I use Spotify during my workouts! 

Do you listen to music during your workout? What kind of music do you like?

"Music is the poetry of the air"-Richter

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