Sunday, 13 July 2014

Smoothie Sunday recipe

Smoothies are beverages made up of blended fruits and vegetables. During my weight loss I drank a lot of them because they are:
  • Nutrient dense meaning high in nutritional value and low in calories.
  • Hydrating The base of the smoothies were either milk or yoghurt which have a high water content.
  • Quick and simple They can range from 2-10 minutes. They make the perfect on the go meal/snack, add raw oats to make you feel fuller.

 Smoothie Recipe


1 tablespoon of oats, banana, apple, ice, water,1/3 cup of yoghurt, strawberries


  • Split the ingredients in half, strawberries in one.
  • Blend one half, then the other. 
  • Slowly pour the second half on top. VOILA! (the mix needs to be thick for it to work)
Love this mason jar!
This post was inspired by Jenny from her health blog. If you enjoyed this post check out hers. 

          "One should eat to live, not live to eat" -Benjamin Franklin 



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