Sunday, 6 July 2014

Weight loss motivation

How did you stay motivated to lose 22 pounds in 3 months? 

 I didn't. I was motivated for about 2 weeks then I wasn't bothered but it was determination that kept me "chasing" after my goal, (get it because I ran as cardio!)

Here are things that helped me stay on track (because I also sprinted!) 
  1. My environment. Thankfully I have a brother that gyms all day every day so he showed me a couple things and was also into healthier eating so I was able to help him out too. Win win situation! My parents didn't buy as much junk food also. I went shopping with my mom and chose things I wanted to try out. With school, I brought my own lunch too.  
  2. Changing up my workout and music playlist. My workouts ranged from Maximum Interval Training- Low impact eg. Insanity - Arm pedal exerciser. My playlist was upbeat but I had to constantly change it up so I wouldn't get use to it and try harder.
  3. Getting new workout equipment/clothes. Whether it be a yoga mat or new running leggings the fact I was investing in those things made me want to use it even more. 
  4. Following people who inspired me. Seeing people working out eg. joggers. I follow a lot of fitspirations on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & PumpUp which is similar to IG except you post about health and fitness, you can create a workout also. I started a health and fitness group with friends which is really encouraging. We do weekly challenges and share tips and ideas. 
  5. Cringey Quotes. They helped me run faster and train harder because they were true.                                  
  6. Setting mini goals. Here is a picture of my weight loss motivation jar. It's pretty self explanatory but this helped because I walk past it every day and it reminds me of my goals and how far I've come, with weight loss we tend to forget that!  

"If you wait for the perfect conditions you'll never get anything done." -Ecclesiastes 11 vs 4


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