Saturday, 28 June 2014

2 drinks that helped me lose 22 pounds in 3 months

Green tea:


 It's one of the world's most powerful weight loss drinks. You can lose up to 4 pounds a week by drinking it.

How did it work for me?

  1. It helped to boost my metabolism= faster weight loss. 
  2. It helped my body to burn more fat and calories effectively because it's high in antioxidants which are the body's main defence of free radicals.
  3. Made me feel full. All the antioxidants going to work made my stomach feel like I wasn't hungry. 
  4. The fact that it's packed with great antioxidants it helped to boost my energy a little. 
  5. It's also a great detox, it helped clear out all the junk food stored up in my system.
I I recommend this to tea/coffee lovers. I don't think it taste bad at all, I'm pretty use to it. My favourite is Jasmine Green Tea. I don't bother with sweeteners but I'd recommend a tsp of honey. I also like to put a lemon wedge in it because lemon helps to detox.


The naturally calorie free/ fat free beverage. I use to hate drinking water but when I started working out it was the only drink that didn't dehydrate me. I later learned how important it is in a healthy lifestyle. So I got a re-usable 1litre water bottle that I take everywhere. All I had to do was re-fill it at least twice daily to drink 2 litres which is recommended. I'm obsessed with fruit infused water! The benefits are similar to green tea so here are a few additionals.

How did it work for me?

  1. Our bones and muscles contain water so when I drank more it helped my workouts become more effective and I didn't get tired as quickly. 
  2. I drink a glass of water before breakfast because this helps kick start our metabolism= faster weight loss. 

"If we defend our habits, we have no intentions of quitting them."


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