Thursday, 28 August 2014

Try it Out Thursday #2

If you've got no clue what I'm talking about check out my last post

  1. The daily workout challenge actually worked! I went on a 4-day retreat and still managed to work out every day. I did find that this challenge was the only exercise I got most days. Next time I'll definitely add in 20 minute workouts. Unfortunately I didn't pick out any rest days so I was working out for 14 days straight. YIPEE 
  2. The post workout scrub was great. It got rid of the excess bacteria on my face leaving it super soft! Next time I'll add Vitamin E oil or glycerin (preservative) to make the scrub last longer. Store it in the fridge, stir and use a spoon to scoop because putting your fingers back in isn't very hygienic. It works fab for your face, feet, hands and body also! 

  1. Pukka night time tea. If your like me and you messed up your sleeping pattern got messed up during Summer, now is the time to get it right for School or Work. The oat flower is suppose to calm and nourish, the lavender is meant to soothe and relax and the lime flower helps to settle the mind. Not only is it important for School or Work but when you workout because that's when all your muscles repair and grow. I plan to drink this tea every night! 
  2. Skipping. Apparently it's great for weight-loss you can lose around 1000 calories in 1 hour! your overall fitness, endurance, stamina and muscle tone (arms, abs & legs). With my rope I'm able to count my calorie burn and skips. I'll try and do it every day for at least 15 minutes. 

What did you think of #1? Will you be trying out #2? What would you like me to try out next? 

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