Thursday, 6 November 2014

Healthy No-Bake Protein Balls Recipe

This ball of energy is the easiest recipe that is high in fibre and protein! It makes the perfect pre or post workout snack you can also have it on the go. 

I made five large sized protein balls.

You will need;
  1. Oats
  2. Peanut butter
  3. 1 scoop of protein powder
  4. Milk of your choice
  5. Chia seeds click here for benefits
  6. Dried fruit 
  7. Nuts of your choice 
  8. Desiccated coconut (for coating) 
Mix all the ingredients adding the milk slowly. If it's too wet add more dry ingredients and vice versa. Wet your hands to prevent sticking. Roll into a ball and coat with coconut. Refrigerate or freeze!  

                            "Eat clean to train mean to get lean" - Jenny Olatunji

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