Sunday, 15 February 2015

When is the Best Time to Workout?

Honestly, it depends when your able to give it your all. After school/ work might be your best time, but it's not mine. I prefer to train in the morning because;
  1. It wakes me up better than any coffee. 
  2. It releases endorphins that make you happy, thus lifting your mood.
  3. Sets my day to aim to eat healthy because of the earlier workout. 
  4. It gives me a burst of energy that I can use to travel the world on a carpet, Aladdin style.

It's not to shame afternoon/evening workouts but it's proven that those who train in the morning are more likely to stick to that routine. One of my clients said "I love going to your bootcamp in the morning because when I come home I've got my workout done before 10am." 

How do I find time to workout in the morning? 

Go to sleep earlier, having sleeping problems? I reviewed an all natural night time tea. Sleep is where all the magic happens. It's when your muscles rebuild and restore itself. I recommend 8-9 hours daily. If you make time to train harder, your body will find time to feel and look great.

When do you workout best? 

"Just finished my morning workout, feels good to start the day off right" 

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