Sunday, 19 April 2015

How to Stop Overeating

Hey everyone! I know there are a lot of people who struggle with overeating so I decided to give you my best tips on how I overcame overeating!

  1. Don't restrict what you eat. That's when crazy cravings kick in and then I gave in. When you eat balanced meals throughout the day there will be no need to compensate. I recently switched to having cheat meals instead of cheat days and it broke away the yo-yo effect.
  2. Eat on a smaller plate. When it comes to adapting to a healthier lifestyle it's all about your mindset. When you eat using a smaller plate your mind becomes more aware of what's on the plate because it's filled. You can also try using a smaller spoon or fork (has a similar effect). 
  3. Start a food journal. All you have to do is write down what you ate that day. MyFitnessPal is a great app you can use. Having a written record of what you ate causes you to become much more aware of your consumption thus reducing your intake. 
  4. Plan what you are going to eat. I found myself overeating when I didn't have a meal schedule put in place. By simply writing down what you would like to eat prevents the risk overeating. 
  5. Don't eat to be full but to be satisfied. There would be times where I would eat so much that I would always want to sleep. That's because there's so much food in my system all the energy is focusing on digesting the food therefore making me lethargic. Take your time whilst eating. It takes your mind 20 minutes to realise your eating. There's no hurry, the food isn't going anywhere.
  6. Drink H20. Majority of the time we think we are hungry when in reality we are just dehydrated. Drink up water before you eat to prevent overeating.
P.S These healthy habits became a part of my lifestyle, I was in it  for the long term satisfaction not instant gratification.

"Don't live to eat, eat to live"

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